Maquinaria construcción 3d de casas


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fabricantes impresoras 3d de casas
CMO 3D Printing

Jose Guillermo Muñoz

fabricantes impresoras 3d de casas

Vicente Ramírez

fabricantes impresoras 3d de casas

Jose Luís Puchades

Young people. Enterprising. Motivated. Unstoppable.

That’s us. 3 people who didn’t know a way to build like this and decided to reinvent the system. Who never get enough of new ideas. Who embrace madness as a path to reach the innovation that will lead us to the solution. A team in constant growth that seeks the best for the additive manufacturing sector in construction.

We dream non-stop and share everything we discover with those around us. Our biggest dream: to turn this innovation into a common good. Without borders. Without limits. Without ceiling. Ensuring an affordable cost for all people with our same concerns. Because hopefully we can make the right to housing attainable for everyone.

A multidisciplinary team specialized in the areas of Architecture, Building, Electronic Engineering and Industrial Automation, focused on new construction technologies and especially on R&D lines to improve the current construction system.

Each member of the team has acquired a specific role in order to manage the company, focusing on the implementation of 3D technology and development cooperation projects.

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