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We are all about building. Machines, houses… and above all, experiences. We know that it would be easy to limit ourselves to creating products, but that’s not for us. We are here to accompany you. To help you carry out that project wherever and however you want.

Maquinaria construcción 3d de casas

Sale and Rental of 3D printers House Construction.

What we are passionate about is to create custom printers for our clients, for this reason we offer a series of printers that adapt to any need.

casas con impresoras 3d
Venta y alquiler impresoras 3d construcción de casas

Design and Construction

Your idea made reality by experts. We know the machines and we know their possibilities. We will make the most of the constructive capacity of our devices to obtain the best result imaginable. A team working for you with the collaboration of companies specialized in 3D manufacturing. Your project in its initial phase elevated to a comfortable and efficient experience.


Equipment Rental

Try to believe. See for yourself the benefits of our construction systems. Maximize the productivity of your development. Reduce costs on site, mainly in the structure phase. Perform simultaneous works. Save time. Always accompanied by our technical team specially trained to ensure a smooth process and a result with all the details up to expectations.

Venta y alquiler impresoras 3d construcción de casas

Materials Development

Build today with tomorrow in mind. Our concern for the environment goes beyond our machines and our formula. That’s why we are happy to listen to you and help you formulate new sustainable materials for the future. Our R+D+i department works closely with the UPV researching new formulas that reduce the CO2 footprint and can be certified for use as printable material in any country.

Venta y alquiler impresoras 3d construcción de casas

3D Consulting

If you don’t know how to build in 3D, it’s normal. But we are here for you. So that you can carry out your projects in the most effective way possible. So you can make decisions with the support of a professional 3D team. So you can choose the best construction device for you. And, above all, for you to enjoy the experience.

Maquinaria construcción 3d de casas
Maquinaria construcción 3d de casas

3D Formula.

The perfect combo. A formula developed together with the UPV (Universitat Politècnica de València) with an optimal composition for 3D printing ready to serve anywhere in the world. Consistency and high surface tension. It lifts concrete walls supporting layer upon layer as if it were nothing.

And there is more: the formula can be modified with materials from other countries to facilitate production and reduce logistics costs. It would only take 4 steps to obtain it:

01. Links.

Establish links with desired suppliers:

Bagging plant producing dry ready-mixed material.

Cement. Aggregates -Additives

Fibers -Water.

02. Shipping.

Ship material in batches to Spain.

03. Preparation.

Once in Spain, the dosage is prepared and sent to the local bagging plant.

04. Certification.

Once ready, the locally produced bagged material is shipped to Spain for testing and certification for use with our devices.

We are continuously developing new materials. We are currently working on more sustainable materials using waste from other industries.

Maquinaria construcción 3d de casas