Pilot housing of 24 m2 made by 3D printing in Valencia, covered with a S.A.T.E. External Thermal Insulation System with expanded polyurethane 10 cms thick. Passivhaus.

Landscaped facade based on prefabricated white concrete modules and automated irrigation.

Cover based on expanded polyurethane panels of 12 cm with upper and lower armor electro welded. Passivhaus.

Exterior door and windows with thermal bridge break, triple glazing with argon gas chamber. U: 0.5w / m2k. Passivhaus.

KNX home automation.


15 cm thick structural walls printed in 3D with reinforced concrete and fibers. This structure also acts as an exterior enclosure.

If the project requires it, pillars with vertical reinforcement can be printed to resist seismic efforts, without the need to execute beams.

The roof system can be installed 24 hours after the printing of the load-bearing walls.

The lintels of the windows and doors are reinforced with corrugated armor of 12 mm and are made on site with the printer itself.

The installations are installed with simple holes in the wall and some anchors, then hidden with the finishing sheet, there are different solutions to suit the client.

For the solution of the ceiling, you can leave the planned facilities in the floor and leave the recessed light spots or install a conventional false ceiling system.

Continuous resin floor with cement base, smooth finish without joints, feeling of spaciousness and cleanliness.

Skirting boards and ceiling molding with matt aluminum material, furniture in light tones and full loft kitchen.

Motorized tilt and turn windows, with thermal bridge break and certified passivhaus.

KNX centralized automation with heating control system, brightness and programmed opening of windows with remote control.


On this occasion, the interior vertical siding has been made with plasterboard and a layer of fine lime in the Venetian stucco style.

Suspended toilet with built-in cistern, suspended washbasin and walk-in shower with wall siphon.